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The Time of the Crusades – a Change of Perspective

English and Arabic
Country of Origin: Germany
Patrick Wolter
Meng Chang
Producer: Toby Mory

What do we associate with the time of the Crusades? And with this term in general?

With the aim of making the multifaceted aspects of this historical period better known to the public, and without the spectacles of Eurocentrism, the Museum of Islamic Art (ISL) is planning a new permanent exhibition area in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin starting in 2026. The attempt is also intended to initiate a reflection on the present days, particularly concerning their legacy. As a prototype, this film is a first contribution to the project. In this introduction to the overall topic, we bring to life objects, exhibits, geographical contexts as well as the historical figure of Usàma Ibn Munkidh.

Exclusive Interview:

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Director Biography – Patrick Wolter, Meng Chang

Meng Chang (in the photo)
MFA, graduated from Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.
She is animator, illustrator and multi designer, with a strong focus on narrative storytelling and 2D animation film.
She practiced experimental animated films, often developed with cross-disciplinary approaches.
She joined the Berlin-based Goldener Westen team in 2019 as creative director and motion designer.

Patrick Wolter
Patrick was born on 09.02.1982 in the former GDR. After graduating from school in 2002, he traveled the world and gained experience in various fields from landscape architecture to death care to DJaying. This was followed by communication design studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam, where he specialized in motion design. As a freelancer Patrick has already worked for agencies like Goldener Westen, FischerAppelt and Tigerbytes.

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