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The “History – International Film Festival Austria” lasts for 7 days. The kick-off includes 4 days of online and partially live film discussions and screenings. On each of the 4 days we will release new interviews and behind the scenes of our timeframe categories. Following the on site event on day 5 where we present the winners, festival participants can expect 2 more days of online streaming of all selected and awarded films as well as some interviews.

Category IPrehistory – AntiquityCategory IIMigration Period – Middle AgesCategory IIIModern Era / ColonialismCategory IVGreat War – Contemporary HistoryShare

Participate from home

We bring filmmakers and film enthusiasts together in their living rooms. Stream comfortably from home on your PC, laptop, or television all videos with “selected” status during the online festival days. From day 1, viewers will have the opportunity to see all selected films. In addition, during the first four days producers and directors of the selected films will be able to make comments and interviews, which will be released on vimeo and youtube.

27/10/2023 – 01/06/2024

We are open for submissions and happy to receive your entries.

Find us on FilmFreeway.

09 – 15/07/2024

Online Festival Days. On these days all selected films can be watched on our website, whenever you want.

The first four days are dedicated to one specific category. Access to selected films of each category will be available from day one.

Additional content, like interviews with production teams, directors and actors, dedicated to one timeframe after another, will be made available in the following order:

09/07/2024 – Category I
10/07/2024 – Category II
11/07/2024 – Category III
12/07/2024 – Category IV

If you want to get in contact with the filmmakers, we invite you to contact us on Facebook and/or Instagram.


While on this day the onsite event in the open air museum takes place, international participants around the world can of course access all selected films online. Interviews will also be online and the winners of each category will be posted online the next day (14/07/2024)

How to get in contact with filmmakers via our festival?
If you want us to ask your questions or share your thoughts with the filmmakers just follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram. We are eagerly following your comments on our posts, dedicated to specific films, as well as your direct messages to us. We will do our best to include all of your input in our interviews.