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The winners as well as the selected films of the following categories will be awarded with digital laurels: Acting, Cinematography, Screenplay, Original Soundtrack, Historical World Building, Production Design, Costume Design, Populistic Appeal, Best Film Timeframe “Prehistory – Antiquity”, Best Film Timeframe “Migration Period – Middle Ages”, Best Film Timeframe “Modern Era / Colonialism” and Best Film Timeframe “Great War – Contemporary History”.

In the process of creating exceptional films, especially in a resource-intensive genre such as historical feature films or documentaries, it is never just one artist and visionary involved. Therefore, we want to separately consider the most relevant categories and honor more specialists and artists involved in film making individually.

We also want to provide the “Best Film” winners of the four main categories, the timeframes 1-4, with a physical trophy each, that we will produce and distribute without any additional costs. Of course, we hope to distribute these personally on-site amid audience applause and a few words from the recipient, but we understand logistical and scheduling complications and will also send them by mail.

We value the ability to judge historical films in their respective contexts and differentiate between the major epochs of human civilization. With this, we strive for a balanced distribution along the timeline of the films we have selected and do not want to primarily illuminate recent history, as is often the case in many events and themed focuses with a historical emphasis.


This award honours the most outstanding performances across the submitted filmes of all four timeframes.


Here we would like to appreciate the most visually stunning direction of photography and creative craftsmanship, directly behind the film camera.


Goes to the best narrative story structure, engaging plot and the most gripping viewing experience, beyond just the visual aspect.

Original Soundtrack

Here we award the best overall thematically, historically and emotionally fitting musical soundtrack, ideally specifically created for the film.

Costume Design

The most historically and cinematically applied clothes, armour and character specific historical details are defining points where this award goes to.

Production Design

This award goes to the artist(s) who created or put together a film’s most aesthetic and accurate set, the film’s art direction, decoration and furniture.

Historical Worldbuilding

This award is most based on our jury’s historians’ and archaeologists’ opinions regarding the overall historically authentic appeal of the winning film.

Populistic Appeal

The perspective of a wider audience to enjoy a movie. Accessibility, entertainment value, and marketability are some of the evaluation criteria here.

Best Film “Prehistory – Antiquity”

The award for the overall best film, set in the timeframe between the very beginning of human existence up until the end of late antiquity.

Best Film “Migration Period – Middle Ages”

The award for the overall best film, set in the timeframe between the decline of the Roman Empire up until the transition to modernity.

Best Film “Modern Era / Colonialism”

The award for the overall best film, set in the timeframe between the Renaissance up until the beginning of the 20th century.

Best Film “Great War – Contemporary History”

The award for the overall best film, set in the timeframe between WWI up until the recent history.

As can be seen from this fantastic graphic, we already have some ideas for the physical prizes that the category winners for the best film will be able to take home, and we will soon publish the final design of the trophies here. The four main categories that get a physical trophy are:

Timeframe 1:Prehistory – AntiquityTimeframe 2:Migration Period – Middle AgesTimeframe 3:Modern Era / ColonialismTimeframe 4:Great War – Contemporary HistoryShare