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The “Hall of Fame” is a section specifically created for our festivalĀ“s award winners and special honorees of past years. These films are showcased and honored here, so that festival visitors can once again appreciate them.

The exhibition displays posters, trailers, and stills of the films and gives visitors an insight into the unique atmosphere and style of each film. It is a great opportunity for visitors to see the winning films listed again and to remember the festival.

The “Hall of Fame” is an important part of our festival, as we want to express our recognition and appreciation for the work of the filmmakers.

We hope that our festival visitors are just as excited about the films as we are and that they can reminisce about them through the “Hall of Fame”. If submitted films are available online for a sustained period, a link to the streaming offer or a reference will be published here.

Our “Hall of Fame” is a special tribute to the award-winning films of our festival. We don’t want to let these films simply fade away, but rather give them a special place on our festival website.

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