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At the on-site event, the award-ceremony of our festival takes place in an open air museum. On this day, selected films from our four categories will be presented and discussed, and the winners will be announced. If producers and directors wish, are able to comment on the films and if they personally attend the festival, even interact with the audience.

Location:MAMUZ Schloss Asparn/ZayaDate:13th of July, 2024Time:3:00 pmShare

A Film Festival in a Historical Setting

In the open air museum of “MAMUZ Schloss Aparn/Zaya” the winners of the four main awards (“best film” of each category/timeframe and a random assortment of our official selection) will be shown, and directors can address video messages to the audience. Specific awards, such as “Best Acting,” will also be announced at this event.

From 3:00 pm, the open air grounds can be visited free of charge. The festival organizers will be available at the screening location for questions and discussions and provide information on the respective films.

Above all, a discursive exchange of visitors should take place here, and an impression of the submissions should be gained. Of course, we also invite producers and directors to participate in this point of the festival on this day.

In our festival ed. 2023 production teams and directors did manage to appear personally at our festival and we plan to welcome even more film enthusiasts for discussions in our next edition in 2024.

In the open air museum “MAMUZ”

The open air museum will be freely accessible on the festival day from 3:00 pm and offers the opportunity to gain an immersive insight into the life of peoples throughout history, from stone age to the medieval period. This way the site provides as much insight into the life of humankind in history, as our films do, but in a different way.
Carpooling is our recommended method of arrival. Parking is available directly at the open air museum.

Culinary Delights

The museum’s asscociated inn will be happy to provide visitors with a variety of food and drinks during the festival until the evening.