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Our jury consists of specialists from the respective evaluation categories. They act independently and “pro bono”. The ranking system places particular emphasis on the evaluation of each expert in their area of responsibility.

Team size:10 peopleJury size:8 peopleEvaluation:Questionnaire with point systemConsensus finding:Mathematical evaluation systemShare

Industry professionals, history experts and filmlovers

Our team consists of two groups of people that overlap one another and have a common ground: we love historical films. May it be our technicians, social media admins, interview moderators or our jury team, all here share the enthusiasm to create a platform for you as a filmmaker and an international audience.

Independent and Specialized: Our Jury

Experts from areas corresponding to the awards evaluate the films in each category throughout the submission process based on objective criteria from an internally discussed criteria catalog. The weighting of each expert’s assessment in that area, corresponds to the average rating of all other jury members. This results in a regulatory evaluation system that allows for the most objective ranking of films that ultimately fall into the “selected” category.

Our partners

We are glad to have a network of institutions like museums and festival technicians that help us create our festival. The team of MAMUZ Asparn/Zaya is a key component of our festival’s success, making our onsite event possible. Experts from outside our team help us with input in regards of historical events and technical aspects of film productions. But in a broader sense, our community is part of our team, as they are invited to take part in interviews with filmmakers and the production teams, by sending us their (your) questions. If you want to become part of our festival’s partner network, just write or call us.