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The last voices of the great war

Italian with English subtitles
Country of Origin: Italy
Andrea Benato
Marco Scattolini
Producer: Andrea Benato

Are there still living Great War witnesses? This question led to a search throughout Italy that gathered the voices of the children of that time who lived that conflict.
At over 100 years of age they told their memories in front of the camera. The research originated the book “Gli ultimi – i ricordi dei testimoni viventi della Prima guerra mondiale a cent’anni dalla fine”, written in 2020 by Andrea Benato, one of the two directors.
But the printed press did not do justice to those faces that have come to the present day from the last century. Their stories were so detailed that it seemed to relive with them the drama of war.
This is how this film was born. A documentary that collects some of their stories, reconstructing moment by moment the war that for the children of that time meant above all being refugees. Some of the stories of the protagonists were then reconstructed, looking for the places where they lived; their experiences have been interpreted by extras and historical re-enactors.
The production of the docufilm involved hundreds of extras and workers from the areas where there was the war a hundred years ago. They all volunteered to spread a story that was in danger of being lost with the disappearance of the last witnesses.
The First World War is an event that happened many years ago but it has still many links with the present. Unfortunately, we are seeing very similar scenes in wars today. In this sense we wanted to stage a film that tells a story that should be a warning for other wars not to happen anymore.

Exclusive Interview:

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Director Biography – Andrea Benato, Marco Scattolini

Graduating in history (University of Verona), freelance journalist and videomaker. Currently enrolled in the course of direction at the National Independent Cinema School in Florence. Always interested in audiovisual dissemination, in 2020 he won the 1st prize of “Video in Verses” by Oderzo Cultura, projected in Regione Veneto exhibition space at the 77th Venice Film Festival.
In 2021 he made, together with Marco Scattolini, the short film “Fuga nella follia” presented at the “èStroria” Gorizia festival.
In 2023 he worked as production assistant and drone operator in “Diciannove”, directed by Giovanni Tortorici (Frenesy Film Company production).

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