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Country of Origin: United Kingdom
(Pale Raven Pictures)
Director: Cieran Ryan
Cieran Ryan
Dale Raven
Chris Seven

Inheriting the throne 20 years ago at the age of just 7, despotic king Markus journeys into the heart of the forest to satisfy the ancient harvest ritual of his people. Rife with the violent ambition of his heritage, Markus seizes the opportunity to gather intelligence on the neighbouring land of Hagmyr in the wake of his bloody plans for expansion. In his home kingdom of Myrlan, however, people are starting to show unrest. A County Lord has been assassinated and rebellion is spoken of on the wind… With his attention turned away from home, Markus sends his agent, Greyloc, to investigate the masked vigilante. Greyloc soon discovers this killer isn’t the only one eager for a change in regime as the king’s absence incites the race to define a new freedom.

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Director Biography – Cieran Ryan

Cieran is a writer and director from Sheffield, U.K. A history of filmmaking growing up left him savvy to self-producing on pocket money budgets. Drawing from his own training in acting, his focus on acute characterisation has developed into a passion for intimate, personal drama. He writes and directs for Pale Raven Pictures, recently directing & co-creating fantasy short film, Myrlan. In 2018 he directed and produced a remote documentary project from his kitchen table while production went ahead in Turkey and his music video with Pale Raven Pictures won 2nd place in SYFN’s 2Weeks2MakeIt competition.

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