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Persepolis – Chicago

Persian with English subtitles
Country of Origin: Islamic Republic of Iran
Director: Orod Attarpour
Producer: Orod Attarpour

The Persepolis-Chicago documentary is about the adventures of the Achaemenid tablet fragments dating about ninety years ago, when University of Chicago archaeologists came to Iran to repair and study the inscriptions on some of these tablets. By mutual agreement, the tablets were loaned to the Chicago to be studied and read. They succeeded to gather data on the empire from Persian sources by some parts of the inscriptions over the years, but after 80 years the tablets have not been returned home yet!

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Director Biography – Orod Attarpour

Orud Attarpour, born in 1962, was graduated in Economy major from Shahid Beheshti University. He started his artistic activities by directing of The Lost Image in 1988.
Orud Attarpour directed, produced many documentaries such as:
Persian Gulf , From Shams up to Shams, Persepolis-Chicago, Night Black Sky, The Butter Flies of the back of Wall

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