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Langobardi – Alboino e Romans

Italian with English subtitles
Country of Origin: Italy
Director: Simone Vrech
Producer: Matteo Grudina

This movie is an innovative docufilm about history of Lombard with an interaction between cinema and historical disclosure. It is focused on the story of Alboin, the first Lombard king arrived in Italy with his population and the foundation of the village of Romans. This village was an important military garrison of the Duchy of Friul and also it is important for the archeological finds (one of the largest Italian Lombard necropolises).
On 551 A.D. after a great victory against Gepids, the figure of Alboin as hero strongly emerged. Years of glory and deeds followed him until his fateful fate in Verona on 572 A.D., when he was killed after only few years of reigns, then his myth was born.
In the midst of the events of this legendary king will be shown, innovative images and strong emotional impact, where you will see how the Lombard people lived in Romans, an important crossroad of the Friulian plain where men and women developed a village that still exists.

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