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Blót – Torn Between Worlds

German with English subtitles
Country of Origin: Austria
Director: Alexander Flatau
Producer: Jana Geiß

Because she is being blamed by her father, the young Viking Freydis feels responsible for her mother’s death and develops a profound psychosis. She then embarks on a journey to Hel, the goddess of the dead, in order to revive her mother, and thus finally manages to free herself from her father’s blame.

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Director Biography – Alexander Flatau

Born and grown up in Germany, I soon developed an intense love for movies. After graduating from high school, I studied Media Design in Hof, Germany, where I wrote and directed my first shorts “Verinnerung” and “Verinnerung – VR”. After I had successfully finished my Bachelor of Arts degree, I started studying the MultiMediaArt master’s program in Salzburg, Austria, with a special focus on directing shorts. Besides a lot of other projects as a freelancer, I created the short “Whistleblower” and, in 2021, my biggest project so far, “Blót – Torn Between Worlds”

Blót – Torn Between Worlds tells the story of guilt and forgiveness as it also visualizes a thereby resulting suffering from a psychosis. Blót depicts a social topic of our current society, abstracted in a mythologic Viking world to create a dark and intense mood.

Creating a fantasy Viking short was one of the biggest challenges of my life, with many ups and downs. But with the help of a truly talented and passionate crew and cast, the idea finally came to life.

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